Our Approach

Tom Brown and Dustin Sullivan

Thomas K. Brown and Dustin T. Sullivan

At the Brown Law Firm, we believe that extraordinary results for our clients can only be achieved through a relentless commitment to excellence. We prepare every case for the courtroom, recognizing that a successful settlement can only be negotiated when the opposing party knows that we are fully prepared for trial.

Attention to detail is critical to the preparation of every case. By carefully reviewing relevant documents, interviewing witnesses and conducting thorough discovery, we strive to know our cases better than our opponents. By limiting the number of active cases we handle, we are able to give each case the attention it requires.

When handling cases that require the use of expert testimony, we seek highly qualified experts that assist us in accurately analyzing the issues to develop case strategies that are sound and persuasive.  In the end, successful advocacy depends upon knowledge, experience and intense preparation.