Significant Case Experience

Tom Brown

Thomas K. Brown

Throughout his career, Tom Brown has handled significant litigation in many different areas of industry and law. The following profiles are representative of legal matters he has handled.

Bus and Motor Coach Safety:

Mr. Brown has served as lead trial counsel in a number of cases arising out of serious bus crashes, including the 2003 Hewitt, Texas bus crash and the 2008 Sherman, Texas bus crash. In these cases, he has represented injured bus passengers and the families of deceased bus passengers in claims against the bus and motor coach industry. Notably, Mr. Brown was lead trial counsel in the first case in the United States in which a jury determined that a motor coach was defectively designed because it lacked safety belts and safety glass to protect passengers.

Automotive Product Safety:

Mr. Brown has handled numerous cases involving defectively designed vehicles and components, including tires, roofs, occupant restraint systems, transmissions and brakes. In these cases, he has represented individuals and families that have suffered injuries and fatalities, and has presented evidence of safer alternative designs that would have prevented or minimized injuries and deaths attributable to vehicle failures.

Industrial Safety:

Mr. Brown has handled a broad range of cases involving issues of industrial safety. These cases include plant explosions and fires caused by inadequate safety processes, injuries and deaths caused by negligent manufacturing and industrial practices and incidences of occupational exposure to harmful substances. As an example, Mr. Brown represented a worker severely burned in a methane explosion at a large landfill in Cincinnati, Ohio and successfully established that the explosion was caused by the failure to properly vent dangerous gas from a building’s foundation.

Business Litigation:

Mr. Brown has handled a variety of business and commercial litigation, including breach of contract, business torts, insurance matters, employment disputes and fraud.

Construction and Building Design:

Mr. Brown has represented businesses and governmental entities in commercial damage claims arising from negligent construction and building design. By investigating and developing evidence of poor construction practices and deficient designs, he assisted his clients in recovering substantial damages.

Highway Safety:

Mr. Brown has handled numerous cases involving accidents that occurred because of poorly marked construction zones or dangerous highway conditions. He has investigated and prosecuted cases in which highway contractors failed to follow state law and best industry practices regarding traffic control. He has handled cases in which contractors created excessive drop-off conditions on pavement edges. He has also recreated and filmed nighttime accident conditions for the purpose of demonstrating the importance of lights and reflectors in preventing highway collisions.

Oil and Gas Litigation:

Mr. Brown has handled commercial cases involving economic losses sustained by businesses and individuals because of negligent drilling and testing practices. As an example, Mr. Brown was lead counsel in a certified class action involving economic damage to numerous producing wells caused by an operator’s failure to properly plug and abandon an oil well in the Giddings, Texas area.

Commercial Trucking Safety:

Mr. Brown has extensive experience handling cases arising out of accidents involving large commercial vehicles. As an example, Mr. Brown represented the family of an individual killed in an intersectional collision with an eighteen-wheeler in Pasadena, Texas. By meticulously researching the trucking company’s safety record and developing an accurate recreation of the accident sequence, he was able to demonstrate a pattern of negligent maintenance that culminated in the brake failure that caused the fatal accident.