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Our approach sets us apart.


High Stakes Litigation

We work on the cases that matter to you. Whether representing businesses in “bet the company” litigation, or pursuing justice for individuals or families in crisis, we give every client and every case the focused attention required to achieve a successful outcome. Sometimes success means negotiating a settlement, which we achieve by combining a deep understanding of the issues, an openness to fresh and creative solutions, and an unwavering commitment to our clients’ ultimate goals. Sometimes success means convincing a jury in the courtroom. And, when that happens, we have the litigation skills and trial experience needed to win.

Virtual Legal Teams

We give you the team that fits your case. Each case has its own needs and, when the needs of a particular case require extended support and coordination, our firm is uniquely positioned to work collaboratively with other firms, specialties, and organizations—and, where appropriate, to operate as part of a “virtual legal team” or “virtual law firm." Our firm model allows us to operate with the flexibility and creativity needed in today’s constantly changing legal environment.

Alternative Fee Structures

We structure our fees in a way that works for you. While we often work under “contingent fee” arrangements (which means that we are paid when—and only when—you are paid), we recognize that our clients need flexibility and options when retaining legal counsel. As a result, we also regularly work under hourly fee arrangements and, in appropriate situations, are willing to consider “blended” or “mixed fee” arrangements, which combine elements of both contingent and hourly fees.

Litigation Experience

Unlike many law firms that practice exclusively on one side of the docket, The Brown Law Firm regularly represents both plaintiffs and defendants. We believe that maintaining this kind of diversity in our clientele gives us the ability to offer balanced advice, and multiple perspectives, to each client we represent.

Throughout their careers, our attorneys have also handled significant litigation in many different areas of industry and law:

Business Litigation
Our attorneys have handled a wide variety of business and commercial disputes, including breach of contract, business torts, declaratory judgments and fraud. We have represented clients ranging from individuals to small businesses to Fortune 100 corporations.
Personal Injury and Wrongful Death
The Brown Law Firm maintains an active practice in the area of personal injury and wrongful death claims. Although we practice primarily on the plaintiff’s side of this docket, representing individuals and families, we also defend a select number of cases and clients in this area. Mr. Brown is Board Certified as a specialist in Personal Injury Trial Law.
Oil and Gas Litigation
Our attorneys handle cases focused on both upstream and downstream energy issues. Our experience includes cases involving the drilling and testing of oil and gas wells, loss of well control, royalty disputes, supply chain disruptions and other energy related issues.
Industrial Safety
We have significant experience with cases involving industrial safety practices and safety management. These cases include industrial plant explosions and fires, electrocution deaths and injuries, heavy equipment operation, pipeline safety and other manufacturing and industrial practices.
Bus and Motor Coach Safety
Our attorneys are national leaders in the area of bus and motor coach safety. Mr. Brown has served as lead trial counsel in a number of multiparty cases arising out of serious bus crashes, including the 2003 Hewitt, Texas bus crash and the 2008 Sherman, Texas bus crash. In these cases, he represented injured bus passengers and the families of deceased bus passengers in claims against the bus and motor coach industry. Notably, Mr. Brown was lead trial counsel in the first case in the United States in which a jury determined that a motor coach was defectively designed because it lacked safety belts and safety glass to protect passengers. In addition, Mr. Brown successfully argued the landmark Texas Supreme Court opinion (Hinton v. Motor Coach Industries) holding that bus safety claims are not preempted by federal regulations
Automotive Product Safety
Our attorneys are active in litigation involving automotive product safety and design. Best Lawyers in America has named Mr. Brown the Lawyer of the Year for product liability litigation in his region on three occasions, most recently for 2019. Mr. Brown has handled numerous cases involving defectively designed vehicles and components, including tires, roofs, occupant restraint systems, transmissions and brakes.
The Brown Law Firm does not represent insurance companies in litigation matters. However, our attorneys often handle first party insurance claims, representing individuals and businesses in cases involving coverage and damage disputes.
Construction and Building Design
Our attorneys have represented businesses and governmental entities in commercial damage claims involving allegations of negligent construction and building design.
Commercial Trucking Safety
We have extensive experience handling cases arising out of accidents involving large commercial vehicles. As an example, Mr. Brown represented the family of an individual killed in an intersectional collision with an eighteen-wheeler in Pasadena, Texas. By meticulously researching the trucking company’s safety record and developing an accurate recreation of the accident sequence, he was able to demonstrate a pattern of negligent maintenance that culminated in the brake failure that caused the fatal accident.
Highway Safety
Our attorneys have handled numerous cases involving accidents that occurred because of poorly marked construction zones or dangerous highway conditions. We have investigated and prosecuted cases in which highway contractors failed to follow state law and best industry practices regarding traffic control. We have handled cases in which contractors created excessive drop-off conditions on pavement edges. We have experience in developing virtual and full scaled accident recreations and animations.
Premises Liability
We have substantial experiencing both prosecuting and defending premises liability cases, involving issues such as security precautions, floor safety and maintenance, construction practices and other premises concerns.
Vaccine Act Claims
Our firm has handled a number of claims under the Vaccine Act and both Mr. Brown and Mr. Sullivan are admitted to practice before the United States Court of Claims where these cases must be filed.
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